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Distribution pattern of gastropods and physical chemical factors in the Kebumen mangrove forest, Indonesia

WINTAH, wintah (2021) Distribution pattern of gastropods and physical chemical factors in the Kebumen mangrove forest, Indonesia. AACL BIOFLUX, 14 (4). pp. 1855-1864. ISSN ISSN 1844-9166

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The mangrove area in Kebumen, Indonesia, is polluted from the jellyfish processing industry waste, which affects the distribution pattern of gastropods. This research aims to determine the distribution pattern of gastropods and provide important information for indicators of mangrove ecosystems changes. This study took place in Kebumen District, Central Java Province, Indonesia, from June to September 2018. Three sampling points were selected: Station A (high mangrove density), Station B (moderate mangrove density), and Station C (low mangrove density). The sampling method used for gastropods was collection from plots of 5x5 m. All gastropods in a plot were collected by hand and extracted from a 10 cm deep layer using a corer with 3 replications for each station. The environmental parameters were determined in situ: temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, and substrate type. The distribution of gastropods in the Kebumen mangrove forest has a clustered and even pattern. The highest abundance of gastropod species was found in Station 1, Cerithidea alata (209±9 ind 25 m-2 ); in Station 2, Pirenella cingulata had the highest abundance (209±16 ind 25 m-2 ), and in Station 3, Neritina violacea was most abundant (202±17 ind 25 m-2 ). Physico-chemical factors that have a strong influence on gastropod density are water pH (6.92-7.93), dissolved oxygen (DO) (4.13-6.65 mg L-1 ), substrate type (dust, clay, and sand), and phosphorous concentration (0.25-0.33%)

Item Type: Article
Nomor Inventaris: P323003
Subjects: M > M73 Marine pollution
Divisions: Program Pascasarjana > S3 Ilmu Biologi
Depositing User: Mrs WINTAH Wintah
Date Deposited: 27 Feb 2023 04:30
Last Modified: 27 Feb 2023 04:30

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